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Boldaji Gaz Shopping Center

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Gaz PropertiesTypes of GazThe reason for the popularity of BoldajiBuy Boldaji Gaz
Boldaji Gaz Shopping Center

Boldaji Gaz Shopping Center is considered to be the selling markets of Gaz throughout Iran. The name of Boldaji is taken from the city name in Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari province. The use of a degree in Boldaji production has been renowned for this product globally.
Gaz is one of the traditional, famous and savory sweets of Iran, which has been of interest to people, and many people buy the souvenir and the consumption of sweets.
The capital of Gaz Iran is Boldaji City, with a number of 100 Gaz workshops in Boldaji City and 4000 people are active in these workshops. The Gaz produced in Boldaji City is one of the most famous media in Iran.

Boldaji Gaz Shopping Center

Gaz Properties

Gaz has many vitamins and properties, some of which are:

  • Strengthens the body and boosts energy.
  • Increases blood hemoglobin.
  • Helps to dispel anemia.
  • It has an impact on improving brain function and memory power.

Types of Gaz

In general, Gaz is produced in 2 types of flour and mouthful and is marketed. Boldaji Gaz is in various types. That some of its variants are:

Pistachio and almond kernel are divided into four types, which include:

  • Superior
  • Special
  • Custom
  • Normal

Boldaji Gaz Shopping Center

On the basis of the plant material used in it is divided into 3 types which include:

  • angabin Gaz
  • Saffron Gaz
  • Other essential Oils

The appearance of the shape includes the following items:

  • Flour gaz with large piece
  • Flour gaz with small piece
  • Mouthful Gaz
  • Chocolate Gaz

The reason for the popularity of Boldaji

One of the ingredients is Gaz, angbin. There is a lot of angabin in the mountains of Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari province.  In the production of Boldaji Gaz, it is used as a high-grade and has the same quality as the world’s top and its reputation.

Boldaji Gaz Shopping Center

Buy Boldaji Gaz

Boldaji Gaz is sold in domestic and foreign markets. Boldaji Gaz is exported to countries such as GCC, Middle Asia, Afghanistan, Pakistan and Iraq.

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