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Introducing the GazIntroducing a variety of GazProduction of Gaz in IranExporting Gaz of IranBuy Export Gaz in Iran
export Gaz

To Buy the best quality export Gaz of Iran you can refer to the direct sales and sales centers of this product. Gaz is familiar to all of us.
This traditional pastry is considered the main souvenir of Isfahan, in addition to domestic consumption is also exported. In this article, we will look further into this product and its variants.

export Gaz

Introducing the Gaz

Gaz is a traditional Iranian flavor that originated in Isfahan 450 years ago. The main ingredient in this product is nectarine and wheat germ.
That makes it very energetic. Of course, nowadays, given the price of honey, in many cases, honey is used as an alternative to nectarine.

Introducing a variety of Gaz

If you have a shopping experience, you’ve probably seen it come in a variety of ways.
Here are some types of Gaz:

  • Mouthful Gaz : packed in small sizes and in nylon.
  • Flour Gaz : This type of gaz is placed inside its packaging box and in a no-branched flour.
  • Pistachio Gaz
  • Almond Gaz
  • Angabin Gaz: As stated above, the best kind of gaz is considered.
  • And … .

Please note that each of these items is priced differently depending on the materials used and the type of packaging.

export Gaz

Production of Gaz in Iran

Three provinces of Isfahan, Yazd and Chahar Mahal Bakhtiari are considered to be the main producers of high quality garlic in Iran. More than 400 workshops and factories in these areas are producing and selling Gaz.

Exporting Gaz of Iran

Persian Gaz from the outset is considered as a precious gift; they say Agha Mohammad Khan Qajar has always given gifts to the kings of other countries that came to Iran.
Currently, Gaz Isfahan has opened its place well in the overseas market, as Gaz exports nearly 2 billion and 500 million tomans this year. Between different species of beans, pistachios are more popular than other types.

export Gaz

Buy Export Gaz in Iran

There are many ways to produce quality garments in different cities of Iran, including:

  • Different city confectionery.
  • Good quality sales agents.
  • Buy online and through online sites.
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