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Buy Delicious and awesome GazBuy Gaz in different categoriesBuy Gaz and benefit from its properties
Gaz in bulk

Gaz was first established in Iran at the time of the Safavid rule in Isfahan, and coincided with the flourishing of science and art in Isfahan, and after a few time, it reached a lot of growth and prosperity and continued as far as you can now Even from the stores of Gaz, we also have the pride that the Gaz shopping center is mainly for your loved ones.
During the past time, when farmers were tired of working on their agricultural lands, they would take refuge to eat the gallows for the refreshment. The gallows was a cheap pastry that was made with sugar and egg whites and was very useful and effective for returning the energy of farmers. The calm of the science expanded and led to the production of Gaz, until today we see the industry has progressed so much progress across Iran and all kinds of media are available to everyone.

Gaz in bulk

Buy Delicious and awesome Gaz

Contact our colleagues to buy great and tasty flavors in bulk and enjoy its unparalleled taste. At ancient times Gaz was courses from the Angbin, which was located near Khansar, as well as Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari province, but today, the production of this product has come in an industrial and widespread form and has become a global trade, in some ways that thousands of people to work and operate in These professions are busy.

Gaz in bulk

Buy Gaz in different categories

The Gazis are generally classified into two categories of pistachio and almond, and then the percentage of pistachio and almond in them, which differs from their prices. The produced type of Gaz is also customized, in this way they are produced according to the customer’s order.
Types of Gaz and materials used in them:

  • Angabin Gaz
  • Non-Angabin Gaz
  • Flour Gaz
  • Mouthful of Gaz
  • Coin Gaz

Gaz in bulk

Buy Gaz and benefit from its properties

Those with manna and clay milk usually have more nutritional value than other ones and can help strengthen stomach, liver and kidneys. Also, these types of media are the side of fever and are among the other itching of the body.

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