wholesale distributors gazpashmak | buy gaz pasjmak at best price

wholesale distributors gazpashmak in Various flavors such as ginger pashmak are mainly exported to other countries and are marketed as a major distribution at a reasonable price. Bulk flavored gazpashmak Most of the bulk gazpashmak that can be sold in the market have been a mass production of fiber-coated cotton fibers, each with different flavors, […]

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Flour Gaz Distribution

Flour Gaz Distribution center in Tehran

Gaz is an excellent pastry that is usually used for meetings and parties as one of the excellent and unbeatable catering devices. One of the types of media available on the market, which is a fan of many, is the flour, which will be familiar with the center of Gaz Flour in Tehran. Gaz is […]

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Flour Gaz

Flour Gaz Sale Center

Isfahan is one of the largest Flour  Gaz producers in the world and, apart from historical monuments and many other arts in the city, the sweet and unique taste of the producers produced in this city also shining the name of Esfahan in and out of the country and if we want In our country, […]

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Sale of flour gaz

Sale of flour gaz in Tehran

From ancient times, the Gaz began to produce in Isfahan since the beginning of the Safavy dynasty, and today this product has reached a lot of prosperity and has found its place among the popular sweets of Iranians. We are also proud to sell a variety of flour gaz in Tehran, and we will make […]

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Isfahan flour Gaz

Prices of Isfahan flour Gaz

Isfahan flour Gaz is one of the best types of production in the country. The price and sale rate of this pleasant sweet is determined based on the amount and type of its raw materials. Gaz is the most popular and traditional pastry of Iranians that have a worldwide reputation. The name of sweets is […]

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