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Export Gaz price in Yazd

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Introduction to GazProduction of Gaz in IranExport GazExport Gaz price in Yazd
Export Gaz

In order to know the price of the export Gaz in Yazd province, you can contact the Gaz sales agents in this province or the Internet shopping and sales sites of this product.
Gaz is one of traditional Persian sweets that is home to Isfahan province. But the production of this pastry is not limited to Isfahan but is also produced in many other cities such as Qom, Yazd, Fars, and Chahar Mahal and Bakhtiari.

Export Gaz

Introduction to Gaz

Goose is a sweet snack that comes from honey, honey, pistachio or almonds, egg whites, wheat germ, and so on. Considering the ingredients of this edible product, it can be placed in an energy group. Therefore, Isfahan is the oldest manufacturer of gas and currently supplies 90% of the domestic gas market.
You can find Gaz in a variety of ways, including:

  • Flour Gaz
  • Goggles
  • Pistachio
  • Angabin Gaz

Since the price of the hunch is very high, the gaz made with the mushroom is higher than the other species of gaz.

Export Gaz

Production of Gaz in Iran

We are currently producing very high quality Gaz products in three provinces of Iran, namely Isfahan, Yazd and Chahar Mahal and Bakhtiari. The Gaz production in these provinces has contributed greatly to the economic and social development of these regions.

Export Gaz

In addition to the domestic consumption of this delicious pastry, Iran has managed to export this product to other countries, whether in Asia or in Europe and Canada.
Between different species of gaz, pistachio is one of the most popular types of gazes for export. Exports of this product, either directly through factories and factories, or indirectly and by foreign tourists, are exported to other countries. In general, the Gaz exports have valued at $ 2 billion and $ 500 million.

Export Gaz

Export Gaz price in Yazd

To find out about the price of the export gaze in Yazd province, you can find inquiries through the Internet sites or dealerships in Gaza. Be careful that factors such as the kind of brain used in the gaze or the use of angels in it affect the price of this product.

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