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Export Gaz prices in Tehran

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Types of export GazActivities focused on the export fieldMajor export of country in recent years
Export Gaz prices

Export Gaz prices can vary depending on the type of Gaz. Generally, the export of Gaz can provide special profitability areas. Export Gaz in Tehran because of the use of technologies in the production sector, it is able to allocate a good position in the non-oil export sector.
Gaz was created from the Safavid time and the re-flourishing of Iranian culture and art in the beautiful city of Isfahan. Gaz seeks to change and transform into native sweets in Isfahan. It may be the main root of the “gallows”.
Over time and with high advances in the field of industry, exports of Gaz to different countries were prevalent.

Export Gaz prices

Types of export Gaz

The price of export prices in Tehran can vary because of its dependence on the type.

  • Export of Gaz
  • Export Gaz (flour)

In the meantime, pistachio Gaz has the highest export rate.

Export Gaz prices

Activities focused on the export field

Buying and selling all kinds of export Gaz in Tehran with regard to the designed goals of export GAZ development and relying on the high quality of products, has focused its activities in the field of export in several fields.

  • Market development in the current destination countries
  • Development and expansion of new target countries

The diversity of destination countries is an important index in the classification of the value and importance of the company exports.

Export Gaz prices

Major export of country in recent years

In recent years, in addition to exporting Gaz to neighboring countries, exports to European countries have also expanded.

  • Germany
  • US Country
  • Iraq
  • Canada
  • Persian Gulf countries

A number of delegations of GAZ producers in different cities and provinces, including Isfahan, in Tehran, have active representation in sales and exports, but for the development of export Gaz need to be a strategic document and can be targeted in this regard, while That should be supported and supported for the production and export of this product.

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