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Flour Gaz and its high popularityIsfahan is the largest sale center of Flour GazFlour Gaz, very tasty and unique
Flour Gaz

Isfahan is one of the largest Flour  Gaz producers in the world and, apart from historical monuments and many other arts in the city, the sweet and unique taste of the producers produced in this city also shining the name of Esfahan in and out of the country and if we want In our country, we must first point to the city of Isfahan.
Gaz is one of the most delicious and tasty sweets and snacks in the midst of the Iranian, and its unique taste, maybe months and days to stay in the sake of humans. Tourists from inside and outside the country travel to Isfahan, if they are looking to buy a genuine souvenir for their loved ones, the Gaz flour will be one of their main choices.

Flour Gaz

Flour Gaz and its high popularity

The media produced in Iran and especially in the city of Isfahan have different types and are priced on the basis of the quality and materials used in the country. The following types of Gaz produced in Isfahan include:

  • Flour Gaz
  • Mouthful of Gaz
  • Pistachio gaz
  • Badami Gaz
  • Chocolate Gaz

Flour Gaz

Isfahan is the largest sale center of Flour Gaz

Gaz, this popular and passionate article is produced in two ways in the city of Isfahan. Traditional method and industrial method. However, it is worth noting that both groups of Gaz producers in Isfahan are under the viewpoint of health and the trade union of Gaz and sweets are engaged in the production of Gaz. Also, production and distribution of Gaz flour is also carried out in the workshops of Isfahan, and this type of GAZ also has its own fans.

Flour Gaz

Flour Gaz, very tasty and unique

As we mentioned, the Gaz flour is one of the best types that is produced in the city of Isfahan. Just for a once taste of Gaz flour, it will certainly remain a pro-feather and foot pill. Contact us to get a delicious, tasty flour. We will send your loved ones as soon as possible with the highest quality and best of the media. Our store is proud to provide you with the best quality and the types of Gaz you are looking for.

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