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Isfahan Boldaji Gaz Price

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Gaz prices in IsfahanRaw materials for Gaz productionDay price of Boldaji gaz
Boldaji Gaz

Isfahan Boldaji Gaz has different prices and rates. Different quantitative and qualitative quantitative and qualitative measures are effective in determining the price of Gaz variety.
Boldaji Gaz is famous in the field of producing Gaz with organic raw materials in the country. Know the brand with the main name of Gaz Boldaji and refrain from buying this product with similar brands.
In addition to discussing the quality, price and rate of each kilogram of this product is also a decisive factor in the amount of sales and customer attraction. Boldaji company directly and through its representatives will sell all kinds of gaz. This will have a significant impact on reducing prices, especially for major purchases.

Boldaji Gaz

Gaz prices in Isfahan

As you know, many companies work in the field of production and sale of all kinds of gaz. Brands such as Boldaji, Kermani, coins and Kirmani are the best of the market.
The production of Gaz with high variability leads to a difference in prices and has the right to choose more customers.
Some of the factors that have a direct impact on the sale price of Gaz are:

  • Packing WEIGHT
  • Gaz type
  • Percentage of vegetables
  • Raw Material type
  • Brand Manufacturing Company
  • Packaging type

In this meantime, the amount of utilization in the production and use of natural raw materials has the highest impact on the selling price.

Boldaji Gaz

Raw materials for Gaz production

In the production of sweets, such as any other kind of pastries, organic and inorganic types are used. The higher the percentage of natural ingredients, the quality, durability and price of Gaz is also higher.
Generally, some natural and organic ingredients that are used in the production of high quality Gaz include:

  • Herbaceous Gaz
  • Shur Gaz
  • Manna
  • Shirclay
  • Pistachio and almond kernel
  • Natural glucose

Other materials such as sugar and other natural flavors such as Golab are also added to the GAZ depending on its type. Note that the taste and smell of air with soft-gaz tissue represent the use of the best materials for production.

Boldaji Gaz

Day price of Boldaji gaz

So far, it is possible that the price of different types of Boldaji and other brands is affected.
It should be noted that as much as the rate and price of raw materials such as pistachios, almonds and… Changed, the sale price of Gaz is increased or reduced.
Of course, other side-effects such as how to buy a major variety of Gaz from supply centers will also have a significant impact. Therefore, it is necessary to buy this product from manufacturing centers in Isfahan or agencies for price reduction.

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