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Price of Export Gaz in Iran

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Introduction of Gaz and its variantsProduction of Gaz in IranGaz ExportBuy Export GazPrice of Export Gaz
Price of Export Gaz

In order to know about the Price of Export Gaz in Iran, you can contact the online sales or sales centers for this product.In our minds, Iranians have been tied to the name Gaz as Isfahan.
All of us have given this traditional pastry as a souvenir to others from Isfahan or on souvenirs. In this article, we try to further introduce this traditional pastry.

Price of Export Gaz

Introduction of Gaz and its variants

The traditional Iranian pastry is, as we all know, the city where it is born in Isfahan.
In fact, these sweets have been invented by somebody, Mohammad Ali Shakkchian, about 450 years ago, and so far, as a popular sweetie of Iranians, there is a growing demand in the market.
Given the fact that it contains ingredients such as angabin, honey, pistachio and wheat germ, it is very energetic and tasty.
You can find the Gaz on the market in a variety of different ways, including:

  • Mouthful Gaz
  • Flour Gaz
  • Pistachio Gaz
  • Almond Gaz
  • Angabin Gaz
  • Sohan Gazi
  • And … .

Production of Gaz in Iran

Gaz is produced in several cities such as Isfahan, Yazd, Qom, Fars, and others. The most popular is but the three provinces of Isfahan, Yazd and Chaharmahal Bakhtiari which are also exported to other countries in addition to supplying the domestic market.
Currently more than 500 workshops and factories are being produced and produced in these provinces, which have been able to create employment for the people of these areas.

Price of Export Gaz

Gaz Export

As mentioned, Iranian Gaza is among the products of export, which, thankfully, has also been welcomed with increasing popularity.
Gaz is exported directly by manufacturers and indirectly by tourists and travelers.
Gaz exports are one of the most valuable types of exports in our country, which was about $ 2.5 billion worth of gas exports last year.

Buy Export Gaz

There are several ways to provide a variety of export guides, the most reliable of which are to deal with sales agents of various types or online shopping sites.

Price of Export Gaz

Price of Export Gaz

There are many factors affecting the purchase Price of Export Gaz, including:

  • The amount of pistachios or almonds used
  • The percentage of honey in the box
  • Product type and weight
  • And … .
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