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Prices of Isfahan flour Gaz

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Gaz production in IsfahanBest type of Gaz in IsfahanIsfahan Flour Gaz Market
Isfahan flour Gaz

Isfahan flour Gaz is one of the best types of production in the country. The price and sale rate of this pleasant sweet is determined based on the amount and type of its raw materials.
Gaz is the most popular and traditional pastry of Iranians that have a worldwide reputation. The name of sweets is tied to the city of Isfahan, but you should know that it is produced in other provinces as well.
In this province various types of Gaz and various prices are prepared, in the meantime, the flour sample is the best and most popular. In this paper, we will introduce the history of Gaz production in Isfahan, and the price of the day in the market.

Isfahan flour Gaz

Gaz production in Isfahan

The production of sweets Gaz in Isfahan reaches about 450 years ago.the first Gaz was produced and shipped to the market. Today, according to statistics, about 650 thousand types of Gaz are produced in Isfahan, which has turned it into the largest producer.
In addition to Isfahan, some other provinces have a long history of confectionery production, some of which are:

  • Yazd Province
  • Kerman Province
  • Chaharmahal Bakhtiari Province

Today, using various raw materials, different types of Gaz are consumed by different flavors and decorations, which makes the customer attract more.

Isfahan flour Gaz

Best type of Gaz in Isfahan

Undoubtedly, the best and most khshmsh of Gaz are samples produced by Angbin extract.
The prices of Gaz produced with this sweet extract are approximately 5 times the usual medium. Today, due to the high price of each kilogram, the producers of honey and glucose syrup are replaced.
In recent years, with the use of new devices and various raw materials, the best types of media in Isfahan province are produced. The Gaz flour is among the most popular of Isfahan, which is produced in special packaging and in the form of a mouthful.
The main constituents of this type of Gaz vary depending on its decorations, but the types of Gaz produced in Isfahan are based on the following raw materials:

  • Sugar
  • Egg white
  • Flour
  • Natural Honey
  • Rose Water
  • Water
  • Glucose syrup
  • The brain of pistachio or almond

Some manufacturers of manna also use as flavoring and sweetener Gaz.

Isfahan flour Gaz

Isfahan Flour Gaz Market

The Gaz of Isfahan is not only in the domestic market which has many fans in European and American countries.
These types of Gaz are always in a form of mouthful and impregnated with a pastry meal.
The feature of this type of Gaz is its soft and novelty after the production period, which is the cause of the flour cover. In the market of different cities, the resellers of the best types of Isfahan are active and directly present a variety of products. It is noteworthy that today manufacturers and resellers, through internet markets, sell the latest types of Gaz.

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