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Purchasing Isfahan Gaz in Tehran

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Types of mouthful GazTypes of flour
Purchasing Isfahan Gaz

Isfahan is the capital of art in Iran’s first Gaz producer in the country. Gaz is one of the sweets that many fans of the two can be named as the most original and traditional Iranian pastry. Today, considering the presence of purchasing dealers, purchasing Isfahan Gaz in Tehran and even other cities are Possible.

Purchasing Isfahan Gaz

It is called the most original and traditional sweets of Iranian gaz. Its production returns to the era of the Safavid rule, which is a simple combination of sugar and egg whites, but has gradually found a different taste and shape. The city of Isfahan is known as the cradle of Gaz, but recently other cities such as Yazd, Kerman and Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari have also produced Gaz. Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari Gaz are produced from the production. Generally, the Gaz is produced in two forms of flour and a mouthful, each of which has different flavors and types.

Types of mouthful Gaz

  • Pistachio-flavored Gaz
  • Coconut GAZ-pistachio
  • Mixed-fodder Gaz
  • Saffron is a

Purchasing Isfahan Gaz

Types of flour

Because of the use of natural honey in the production of flour, this cookie will be very lucrative and useful. The use of an herbal plant in a kind of gaz is very tasty and different.
Purchasing Isfahan Gaz in Tehran offers you detailed information about what you want in order to provide you with in-person and distance learning and online services in addition to the best quality.

Purchasing Isfahan Gaz

By purchasing from the dealership and sales centers, you will be given a high quality product, in addition to saving you time at a cost. Due to accountability of the centers, you will have a purchase with knowledge, and in the last, it would be more appropriate for the price of the manufacturer.

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