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Sale of flour gaz in Tehran

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Sale of flour GazSale of flour gaz and its unrivaled properties
Sale of flour gaz

From ancient times, the Gaz began to produce in Isfahan since the beginning of the Safavy dynasty, and today this product has reached a lot of prosperity and has found its place among the popular sweets of Iranians. We are also proud to sell a variety of flour gaz in Tehran, and we will make our loved ones sweet.
If we look at the Gaz produced in our country we will understand that there are two types of Gaz. Gaz produced with pistachio kernel and gaz produced with almond brain, depending on the type and percentage of the use of pistachio kernel or almond brain in each of the production, is also characterized by quality of gaz.

Sale of flour gaz

Sale of flour Gaz

Flour is one of the popular varieties in Iran, which is packed in whole-grain flour instead of packing in small mouthful and special volumes. Its packaging method is also the first to take some flour at the bottom of the box, and then a row of the flour, usually in the form of large circles, then again, on it with another layer of flour They are well-wrapped and packed in the following.

Sale of flour gaz

The properties of Gaz are preserved in the presence of flour when selling all kinds of gaz. The pouring of flour on the large and circular bolus of the GAZ is two major causes. One of those causes is that the flour prevents each other from sticking to each other, and the second cause is that after a few days, the flour gaz makes a very pleasant and tasty taste.
Materials for preparation of Gaz flour:

  • Pistachio kernel
  • Sugar
  • Rose Water
  • Glucose
  • Egg whites
  • White flour

Sale of flour gaz

Sale of flour gaz and its unrivaled properties

Flour in most of the events can be a ornament for your parties, and you can use these delicious pastries to make a reception of your guests. You can also correct it with the ingredients mentioned at home for yourself and enjoy the taste of your dream. Flour is always popular among fans of sweets and still has its own popularity.

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