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The former economy of Chahar Mahall and BakhtiariTypes of Boldaji Gaz
Sale Boldaji Gaz

Today, following the advancement of Science and technology, it is possible to provide online food in the shortest possible time. The purchase and sale of Gaz Boldaji is also easily feasible by its manufacturing companies.

Sale Boldaji Gaz

Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari City in the field of production, sale and export of Gaz is becoming the first pole of Gaz production in Iran. In Boldaji Gaz, the province is recognized as the most desirable gaz in our country. Gaz production in the past was common in Isfahan, but today, Boldaji has found a global reputation. The main constituents of this type of Gaz are Angbin, which is obtained from the Angbin, which is a lot in the mountains of Chahar Mahal va bakhtiari. Pastry Gaz is a favorite and useful as a food and energy Is considered.
The city has been raised with the production of high quality and foreign markets in Iran as the first pole of Gaz production in the country and has been able to contribute to job creation in this province. In fact, before this change and developments in the field of Gaz production, the city has not been economically flourishing jeered.

Sale Boldaji Gaz

The former economy of Chahar Mahall and Bakhtiari

In the past, the city’s economy rests on three axes.

  • Carpet weaving
  • Agricultural Engineering
  • Animal husbandry

That over time lost their value and prosperity, but with the advancement of the Gaz industry, it gave rise to the economy of the city.
Boldaji gaz in Boldaji city in Borujen, Chahar Mahal Bakhtiari Province, has various types.

Sale Boldaji Gaz

Types of Boldaji Gaz

This type of Gaz is based on the amount of pistachio and almond, the plant substance used and the appearance of three general categories is divided.
Pistachio and almond are divided into four categories of superior, special, normal.

  • Based on plant material, it is divided into three groups of angabin, saffron and other essential oils.
  • It is classified as flour, mouthful and chocolate gaz in the form of appearance.

Boldaji Gaz is produced in traditional and industrial form and its price varies depending on its type. Online sales of Boldaji Gaz provides easy and fast access to this product.
These facilities have led to a huge change in the economy of the city. In fact, online sales of this product has made it more famous because in the shortest possible time, Boldaji Gaz can be purchased in the original quality.

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